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Grow Your Confidence As a Creative Artist

Are You excited about the possibility of learning a creative and artistic hobby? You always admired artists and paintings and wished you could do that some day? Well That day is now! We have so many art options to choose from regardless of your age or experience level! Let's Create Art together!

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Relax, We Will Guide You Step By Step

Our online painting lessons are designed to help teach the beginner artist every step of the way as well as, provide the freedom and guidance for the artist that has painnted a few! We believe every artist, regardless of experience level, needs inspiration. Our goal is for you to fell confident enough to express your own creative ideas through your paintings! Our Tutorial only option is a great way for you to choose your lesson/painting and use all of your own supplies and creative touches! No two canvases look the same, but all are beautiful!

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Art Supply Box + Tutorial

Your Painting Kit Includes Everything You Need! Don't let the stress and overwhelm of finding the right supplies stop you from creating! We will package what you need and send it to your front door... just like amazon!

Your Kit will include

Pre-Sketched 11x14 Canvas

Acrylic Paint Color Set

Flat & Round Paint Brushes

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

Reusable Box for a Mess Free Painting Station

and Your One of a Kind Masterpiece!

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Shop Our Favorite Art Supplies Now!

We Know How Confusing it can be to pick the right art supplies to complete your project! So we created our favorites list in Amazon to help make the process easier. You Simply shop and check out with Amazon and have your package delivered to your door! Please note Shopping with Amazon is an affiliate link for our small business. If you purchase, I could make a small commission at no charge to you.Please read my Disclaimer and Privacy Policy HERE.

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Let's Create Art Online

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