Does Painting Burn Calories? How Painting Helps Keep You Healthy!

Does Painting Burn Calories? How Painting Helps Keep You Healthy!

The other day I was using acrylic paint to lay in the undertone across a large canvas and thought to myself "I feel like I am doing my Daily Yoga." This of course made me wonder "Does painting actually burn calories" or is this just wishful thinking?

So, I went to trusty google and did some research! What I found was really no surprise to me at all...

Whether you are painting a house or on a canvas it is burning calories! Approximately 120 calories are burned for every 35 minutes of brush strokes!

You Could say I was a little to excited to have just found a new tool to put in my excuse belt of skipping gym time and painting longer! 

Can you imagine how many calories Leonardo da Vinci burned when painting the Mona Lisa, which took 16 years? Vincent Van Gogh averaged a painting every 4 days how many calories did that add up to, I wonder!

Personally, I know from my own experience that when I paint I am constantly moving a part of my body!

I typically stand when I paint. Sometimes, my canvas is on the easel and sometimes I have it laying flat on the ground. When the canvas is on the ground you can guarantee I am doing all kinds of matrix style stretches, squats and lunges! Regardless of the canvas location, there is a constant back and forth of loading the brush with paint... can you say hello biceps and triceps!

Aside from all of the actual physical movement and kinetic energy invested into painting, there is just as much mental energy that is invested in creating a work of art! When I create art I am completely mentally invested in the process that is flowing out of me. This means my mind does not have the space to stop and think about wanting to eat snacks or that yummy chocolate Snickers bar I have hiding in the cabinet! In fact, it is not uncommon at all that I completely lose track of time all together and skip a meal entirely!

Is that healthy, maybe not but from now on I am going to choose to focus on all the calories I am burning! I mean after all what a perfect excuse to add to the tool belt to skip gym day and create works of art longer!

Takeaway: Next time you think about wanting to lose weight try painting! It helps burn your physical and mental energy leading to a happier life altogether!
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